Competitors please visit for access to the current version for the Manual of Motorsport and Event Scrutineering documentation.

Competitor entries now sold out.

Notes for all competitors and crews

This event is sanctioned and insured by the CCDA, therefore all Competitors, Crews and Marshals need to be current CCDA Members to be allowed on site. These will be checked at the front gate on arrival. Your vehicle must pass scrutineering prior to the commencement of the event. Scrutineering opens on site at 9am and finishes at 4pm. 

Should your vehicle fail scrutineering or not have a current and in date logbook with the vehicle. You will not be able to start until it passes or is provided.

Friday post having your car scrutineered, only driver and navi will be able to do a reconnaissance of the stages ahead.
Friday SS1 opens at 1pm and closes strictly at 5pm.
Friday night stages start at 6pm – three drive stages
Saturday start at 8am – 5pm – multiple winch stages – if conditions deteriorate it may go later – keep your lights on.
Saturday night presentation for Friday and Saturday stages will commence after dinner.
Sunday start at 8am with finish at 3pm – get ready for the action !!!

Please note – this property is renound for difficult terrain, combining the terrain, big stages and a full field DNF times will be set tight and efficient stage starting procedure will be enforced. You will need to be in the start box immediately after the car before you in your group leaves the start line.

Be ready in the start gate and listen to the marshals. We’re working to get you guys as much drive time as we can.

Breakdowns/recoveries. Again, we’re running a very tight schedule, if you break down on a stage our recovery team will work as quickly as they can to recover your vehicle, however you must consider that we need to keep the event running.


Pit Crew

Pit crew can purchase a single vehicle pit crew pass to allow them access to the rear of the property via vehicle. These passes can be purchased on the day at $75. Any vehicle found to be speeding, driving recklessly will have a fine applied to their team.

Other pit crew vehicles are to remain within the campsite or to exit the property on the main road. Other pit crew cars will not be able to access the rear of the property.


Camping/Check in

Camping is at the top of the hill near the machinery shed. 2WD access to the driveway is no problem however it is recommended that a 4WD is used to access the paddock.
Checkin is available from Friday morning.



Alcohol policy

  • As per CCDA 2017 policy


Traveling on or in vehicles

Traveling on or in vehicles in breach of their legal occupant capacity or in places not approved as occupant carrying spaces, or without the approved safety devices worn for the type of vehicle, will result in, after a warning, either a penalty to the team that the person is associated, or other penalty (to be decided by the event manager or event judiciary panel).


Not allowed on site

No firearms, no fireworks, no unsafe behaviour – instant removal of the team from the property will occur.

No dogs allowed on site. No use of motorcycles or quad bikes by competitors or crews

No Glass


Full hydraulic steering

In accordance with CCDA meeting minutes dated May 27th, 2016 full hydraulic steering is allowed until which point that the CCDA clarify the ruling either for or against.


Pit Crew Vehicles

Teams may have one paid pit crew car pass which allows vehicle movements around the access tracks for the property. These vehicles will be numbered with the team numbers. Any vehicle found to be speeding, driving recklessly or behaving in an unsafe or disrespectful manner will be fined 200 points on the first warning. Any further issues will result in the disqualification and removal of the team.


Pit Area

A pit area will be formed on Saturday near the competition area. Pit vehicles will not be allowed to enter the competition area.